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Spice levels (Higher = Hotter)

Tangy Tomato | Sticky BBQ | Seasonal Specials
Lv.1 to Lv.2 = Apache chillies
Lv.3 to Lv.5 = Carolina Reaper chillies

Peppy Momo
Lv.2 and Lv.4 = Rato Jira Khorsani chillies

Mama Jerk
Lv.1 to Lv.2 = Bird Eye chillies
Lv.3 to Lv.5 = Scotch Bonnet & Carolina Reaper chillies

How about a gift box?

After something nice, and delicious, to give to your friend or loved one? Look no further! They will for sure love this selection of sauce. From super mild to super hot, there is something for everyone! You can still choose your own mix of five 100ml bottles.

Tangy Tomato

The original Apache F1 / Carolina Reaper sauce. Sweet tangy, tomato based.
“Taste of the West” award winner 2021.

Sticky BBQ

Sweet marinade, with a hint of lemon. Not a typical woody tasting BBQ sauce.
“Taste of the West” award winner 2021. “Great Taste” award winner 2020 and 2022.

Mama Jerk

A Kenyan variant of Jamaican jerk sauce. Flavours of All Spice, Ginger, and Coconut. The most popular of the sauces.
“Great Taste” award winner 2023.


A selection of miniature bottles with a pipette. Great for carrying on your person, whilst on the go! Being 10ml in quantity, they can be carried abroad ✈️

“[TSHO1] Scorpion Dripper” releasing online soon.

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