The online store. Here you can find and shop for all the condiments on offer, like the popular Carolina Reaper sauce.

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Spice levels (Higher = Hotter):
Lv. 0 to 2: Apache F1 | Lv. 3 to 5: Carolina Reaper

How about a gift box?

After something nice, and delicious, to give to your friend or loved one? Look no further! They will for sure love this selection of sauce. From super mild to super hot, there is something for everyone! You can still choose your own mix of five 100ml bottles.

Sticky BBQ Sauce

In need of some sauce for the BBQ, or just that BBQ smokey flavour? Look out for this delicious sauce here soon or come buy some at our next market. Dip into it, pour it, marinade with it, or add it to the cooking pot!


Are you a trade customer? Please enquire, as it is already available for you to buy some.

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