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⭐ 41 x 5 star reviews and counting! ⭐

“Great sauces, we love the levels 1 and 2 as not too spicy but still super full of flavour and go well with pretty much everything especially cheese on toast! Great Christmas present!

Harriet Mullins


“We love this sauce. Bought some in October and are about to buy more tomorrow, some for us and some for gifts. It really is delicious and spices up loads of dishes.

5 stars

Sue Spiegelhalter


Awesome sauces which go with anything. The Carolina Reaper Lv4 is amazing! Great customer service too 🤙🔥

Bobby Paterson


Bloomin lovely sauces – bags of flavour, use on anything – I even enjoy on a salad! And makes a lovely gift for chilli lovers ☺️ I’m particularly enjoying the bbq sauce at the moment 😋

Emily O'Connor


“Not much can make chicken nuggets & curly fries much better, especially when it’s the same meal you have everyday…(everyday that you can’t afford takeaway pizza)…but this sauce can.

I highly recommend this for cooking or for simply “whapping” (I like that in this context) onto your plate/nuggets.

Not only that but there is the most handsome of models placed onto the Vegetarian & Vegan safe bottle for when my internet isn’t working and I get lonely.

I tried the Lv.2 and its just right for my spicy thrilling life, spice up your life now! Its well yum n ting.

Jed Ley


The best chilli sauce going! Just received a pack of 3 different bottles, a great selection of heats and so much flavour. Great to see so many organic ingredients too. We’ll be ordering more for sure!!

Anisa Arslanagic


Dr.Peppa's Condiments
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Ian Rayton
Ian Rayton
Verified ownerVerified owner

Nice little addition to my sauces.

4 weeks ago
Ian Rayton
Ian Rayton
Verified ownerVerified owner

Lovely sauces.

4 weeks ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Our favourite condiments ever!

4 months ago

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🥵 FAQs 🤯

So how can I use it?

You can dip into it, marinade with it, or add it to one of your favourite recipes.

What foods does it go with?

Virtually anything! You will be hard done by to find anything that it doesn’t go with. For example, some people spread it on their morning toast… 😯

I am looking for something super hot as a gift

The Lv.5 Carolina Reaper sauce is ridiculously hot; few can handle it. It uses the hottest pepper in the world!

Welcome! 🌶

North Devon homemade condiments; The home of where you can find the most noteworthy and popular Dr.Peppa’s Condiments Apache F1 & Carolina Reaper spicy sauces!

If you are chilli fan, and are looking to spice and flavour a dish, or you are merely looking for gifts (maybe to stitch up your friend)… Then you are in right place! As a result of popular demand, we now have an online store – Just click any of the ‘Shop’ links.

Restaurants and shops looking to stock or use the sauce, are welcome! Just hit any of the ‘Contact’ links to get in touch.

If you would like to learn more about the business, click the ‘More Info’ link.

Have fun! 😃

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