I am afraid to say any new orders are on hold until further notice.

I know for many of you the chilli sauce is an essential part of your diet 😁 and as the weeks have gone on I have been changing my methods to be able to deliver your favourite chilli sauce without putting myself or someone else at risk; from making the sauce, stock control, to delivering it to you. But now with this lock down I have been forced to put any new orders on hold. I will provide a further update in 2 weeks time as I work out a more formalised plan of action.

Those of you already in hold of the condiments, please be assured that the business carries a 5 “very good” rating for reason 😊 I carry out a high standard to make sure the condiment you use is safe to eat.


I wish you well, stay safe, and I have appreciated your support! 🌢✨

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